Shirley Dickie

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Shirley’s work is continually in flux. Her unique, self evident style is easily recognized through her strong emphasis on shape and form.

Colour plays a dramatic role too; tying together composition, technique and subject. She creates artwork that is both, inspirational and appealing.


If you have an inquiry about an art project or if you would just like more information, feel free to contact me?

Feedback is always welcome.

In the Words of the Artist

“Out of the maelstrom of my own experience my paintings reflect the times in which I live…”

This site is a transparent representation of my artwork, my attitudes, my beliefs and my general way of life. All the information here is without mystery.

I use no jargon; my approach to communication can be refreshing and at times may appear simple; it is meant to inspire beginning artists to make art when, how and for what ever reason that is individually important to them.

If I can demystify the art process and make acceptable any one persons point of view more people will delve into the creative process, enriching us all.